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Birth N Beyond

Pregnancy is an exciting time, full of emotional and physical changes. Let Birth n Beyond guide you through your pregnancy labour and childbirth and postnatally. 

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Birth N Beyond Services

Birth N Beyond conducts exercises classes for prenatal and postnatal women in different locations in Mumbai with options for ONLINE and OFFLINE for all our services.  We also conduct bi-monthly Lamaze Pregnancy Education Series at different locations and online to empower and educate women through their journey of childbirth and motherhood. We collaborate with health and wellness professionals like nutritionists and psychologist's for their expertise to help our Birth N Beyond mothers to be with relevant seminars to further help them during pregnancy childbirth and postnatally. 


Prenatal Yoga and Exercise Class

Starting at 12 weeks our Prenatal Exercises and Yoga classes are mix of yoga asanas, strengthening, pilates, aerobics and breathing for a healthy and fit pregnancy. The classes are designed by  our expert woman's health physiotherapists and will combat any aches and pains that arise through this period while keeping you fit and ready for childbirth. 

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Postnatal Exercise and Recovery

Starting at 6-12 weeks post delivery our Postnatal  module is uniquely designed to suit you individual goal postpartum. Designed by our Women's health physiotherapists you are assessed for weak areas and a customised workouts is provided including yoga and pilates and strengthening, .  

Partner/ Ball Special Exercises 

Our most popular service, a great way to bond with your partner during the pregnancy. The couple workout is group exercise class with your partner thats sure to make you have an enjoyable time as we go through the key conditioning exercises that are important in the prenatal and postnatal period. We also have 

Lamaze Education Series 

 Our Lamaze module which we usually recommended to participate after 24 weeks includes Labour understanding, Labour pain coping strategies, Breastfeeding education and Epidural and C section education. It also includes strategies for new born parenting including diapering swaddling and much more. We encourage you to attend these sessions with a partner. 

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Transol Fitness Centre, Tirumala Borivali. 

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